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Sunday, September 12, 2021

Update of Kitten Pix


Some Current Pix of Adult Cats


In This last picture the mom of all these kittens is Charli (shaded Smoke) she is behind Violet (chinchilla silver). Violet lost her kitten in hurricane IDA & Charli has not only allowed her to help care for her kittens but nurse them as well. 




Saturday, August 21, 2021

A Second Litter to Announce Yea!!!

Calli & Max Have just had a beautiful litter of 4 !

Looks like 3 chinchilla & 1 Shaded

We are going to try to stay on top of pix!!

But here is the first: 

L'Classique Cattery is part of our Cherie-Finesse & Dearheart Chinchilla Silver & Golden Gene pool Preservation Group





New Kittens Born!! YEA!!!!!

Happy News Our New Arrivals:

2 Goldens, 1 Blue Golden ! chinchilla Silver to Happy Kitty Parents Emile& Charli

 Gabriel (chin) Amber (golden)



Monday, August 16, 2021

Re-Posted Pix

Top to bottom:




Little Man & Mom Zsazsa

New Owners Pix of Some of our previous litters


New Litter of Goldens born

 We have a new Litter of Goldens born!!! Yeaaa!!

2 goldens, 1 blue golden & 1 Chinchilla They are only 1 week old.

We do have a waiting list so please Call Text or use one of our other social media sites.

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