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Sunday, September 29, 2013

New Pix

Hello Everyone,

Our male kitten is no longer available. We do have one female still available. They are now 9 weeks old. If you have not talked with us regarding your kitten lately please call us.

Also here are some recent pix of some of our cats. We will be breeding in the next heat cycle.

If you would like to see the pix enlarged for better viewing please go to "New photos" in our site & click on the date.


Here's Scooter in his fave cubby

Sunny in her fave cubby
Notice the angel tufts on her head
She looks like she just woke up, all of the time :-)

Misty - she just has that regal posture like her Mom Leilani
They are all just starting to get their winter fur in
We have just had a cold snap here in Nevada, we have even had snow up at Lake Tahoe
twice in the last week. 

From left to right: Dusty, Sunny & Misty

Bella is now just over a year old & has the look of her Mom misty.