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Saturday, August 21, 2021

A Second Litter to Announce Yea!!!

Calli & Max Have just had a beautiful litter of 4 !

Looks like 3 chinchilla & 1 Shaded

We are going to try to stay on top of pix!!

But here is the first: 

L'Classique Cattery is part of our Cherie-Finesse & Dearheart Chinchilla Silver & Golden Gene pool Preservation Group





New Kittens Born!! YEA!!!!!

Happy News Our New Arrivals:

2 Goldens, 1 Blue Golden ! chinchilla Silver to Happy Kitty Parents Emile& Charli

 Gabriel (chin) Amber (golden)



Monday, August 16, 2021

Re-Posted Pix

Top to bottom:




Little Man & Mom Zsazsa

New Owners Pix of Some of our previous litters


New Litter of Goldens born

 We have a new Litter of Goldens born!!! Yeaaa!!

2 goldens, 1 blue golden & 1 Chinchilla They are only 1 week old.

We do have a waiting list so please Call Text or use one of our other social media sites.

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