Direct Descendants of L'Dearheart Line

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Kittens from South Africa

Hello to all,

Shelley & Don Saunders, breeders in South Africa, will be taking a break in breeding for the next year or 2. There are currently 6 Chinchilla kits available from their last litter. They will be 4 months old and able to travel here to the states in January.

If you are interested in getting one of these kits please contact me at:
Sheryl or Judy 775-901-3533

Here is a picture of Versace he has the same parents as the kits. He was a very attentive uncle to Chanel's kits.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all!

Hello all,

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! May God's blessings overtake you in this new year to come!

Here are some pix I took of Leilani queen of all & her first daughter Dusty on Dec. 17, 2013. They weren't too pleased I snagged them for pictures but Oh well, the pix turned out great. lol
The bottom 2 pictures are Max the male who will be bred to our girls in January.

We have had issues with our form submissions due to the new year browser updates so if you've submitted a form & haven't received a response please call us.

Judy & Sheryl 775-901-3533

January is the start of official breeding season, which puts kittens conceived then ready to go home in June or July.  If you don't have your deposits in by Dec. 31, 2013 the price goes up as of Jan. 1, 2014 to $1400 per kitten.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

HRH Frederic aka Hamlet goes to his new home

Hi All,

HRH Frederic aka Hamlet, the male from Chanel & Mozart has gone to his new home with Andi & Craig. Here are some pix of him. His eyes are a beautiful aquamarine. He's gonna be a big boy.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

New Breeding Season

Hello All,

The new breeding season is about to begin for us. Once bred the new kittens would be born
in 65 days. The kittens in this breeding will not be ready to go to their new homes until around April or May 2014.

We have many things going on & these kittens will go quickly due to us only breeding 1-2 litters a year. Please visit the kitten Inquiry page to view our deposit policy.

Here are some new pix sent to us by Mary & Garth of Dougal, one of our male kits, now 1 year old.

Here is Dougal with Garth watching the train. This hanging from the chair is a very typical pose for Dearhearts.


Dougal at play.Socks are just not safe with a cat around. They will kill them every time.

Here is Dougal's Grandma Leilani. You can buy all of the cat beds you want, but in the end this is what you get.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

New Pix

Hello Everyone,

Our male kitten is no longer available. We do have one female still available. They are now 9 weeks old. If you have not talked with us regarding your kitten lately please call us.

Also here are some recent pix of some of our cats. We will be breeding in the next heat cycle.

If you would like to see the pix enlarged for better viewing please go to "New photos" in our site & click on the date.


Here's Scooter in his fave cubby

Sunny in her fave cubby
Notice the angel tufts on her head
She looks like she just woke up, all of the time :-)

Misty - she just has that regal posture like her Mom Leilani
They are all just starting to get their winter fur in
We have just had a cold snap here in Nevada, we have even had snow up at Lake Tahoe
twice in the last week. 

From left to right: Dusty, Sunny & Misty

Bella is now just over a year old & has the look of her Mom misty.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Annoucing Chanel & Mozart's New Kittens

Hello all!

We are happy to share our pix of our newest kittens born to Chanel (Cherie-Shelldon Charlize Theron) & Mozart (Cherie Finesse Giacomo).

They were born July 11, 2013. There are 3 females & 1 male. The male has been nicknamed Hamlet, one of the females Ophelia & another Chardonnay. The new owners will be able to name their kits when they get their paperwork.

Who says males don't help out? Here's Uncle Versace keeping watch of the kits for Chanel.

Ummm! Oops! I guess Uncle Versace let them slip by!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Typical Dearhearts Relaxing

Here are a couple of pix of the typical Dearheart relaxing.

Missy on the right & Dougal on the left in both pix.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

We are getting ready to breed for our Christmas kittens

Hello All,

We are getting ready to breed for our Christmas kittens.
If you do not already have a deposit in for your kitten now is the time to start planning for it.
We only breed for so many kits, so while this is June & everyone is focussed on summer fun
don't forget it is first come first serve for these kits. We will keep posting reminders as we know that in all of your busy-ness you can forget.

Here are some new pix of Max. He is one we brought in from South Africa & he's now 9 months old.

We were told by Alida that his line has had the rare aquamarine color eyes that were lost for so long. We are hoping that some of our offspring will inherit them.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

R'Sweethartz Bell of the Ball

Hello All,

Lori, Bella's new owner, sent us this fantastic photo of our Bella. In her last photo we said the only thing missing was a tiara and Lori did not disappoint :-)

She is turning out to be a stunner. When you click on the text link for Bella on our home page you can see the photo diary of her life from birth. She weighed only 2.2 oz at birth.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Kitten Update

Hello All,

We have an important update. We do have a male kitten who has come available.
He is now 17 weeks old. He is to be neutered and will make an excellent pet. He is very loving and is a truly amazing animal.

You'll never be alone with a Dearheart.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dougal & Davy 16 weeks

Hello all,

We are happy for all of the traffic to our site because this means people are interested in what the Dearhearts are all about.

Here are Davy & Dougal at 16 weeks old. They are quite the handful.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Special Appearance by Bella

Hi Everyone,

Here is a special appearance by Bella. She is now 7 months old & is queen of her new family in florida. Here she is in the classic Queen pose. All she needs is a little tiara :-)

Babies 2/23/13

Hello all,

Here are the latest pix of the kits.

Just to dispel the current question, "Do males spray in the house?" A male that is fixed at an early age 4-6 months will not spray in your house. They in fact make very loving wonderful pets. So don't discount a male as a pet because of this train of thought.


Friday, February 15, 2013

Hello Everyone,

Our babies are 12 weeks old now.

Tierney (left), Davy (center), Dougal (right)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Busy! Busy! Busy!

We would like to say hello to the following as we have noticed your visits & interest in our lovelies:

Leeds ALA, Glendale AZ, Los Angeles & Monterey CA, Englewood CO, & Greenbay WIS.

We do have 1 male left if you contact us we can reserve him for you.

Thank you everyone for your interest in the Traditional Chinchilla Silver Persians. Our Dearheart lineage is so very important to preserve.
Hi all,

Well the babies are now 10 weeks old.

This is Davy. He is a lovebug & always wants to be in your lap :-)

Here are Tierney & Dougal. As you can see they already have the Dearheart "I'm so gorgeous attitude. They are also trouble together. (Davy is in the distance napping)

Here are all 3 at kitty play time.

All 3 piled on top of Mom Missy trying to see if they can nurse.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Friday, January 25, 2013

Latest pix of the babies at 9 weeks old

Hello to all,

A special hello to Marisa & Laura. It's nice to see you visiting. I hope Luna & Mynxy are well. Feel free to call me.

Hello to Indiana, Texas, North Carolina, New York, Louisiana and California.
For the person in Anaheim we do have a male available in your area if you give me a call.

There has been quite a lot of international traffic lately. Thank you for your interest in our lovelies.

Here are the latest pix of our babies: