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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Traditional Longhair Chinchilla Silver Persian Conservatiion Program

We are currently an organized group of people choosing to strategically widen our gene pool. We are now in a "Traditional Longhair Chinchilla Silver & Golden Conservation Program"

We do have kittens that get placed as pets but are predominantly a breeding program. We do have a waiting list.

These are our 3 contact points: 

We will be updating pix soon, there are just so many!

This is one of our  gorgeous blue goldens named Myri. Her sale fell through at the last moment so she is currently available. If you are interested please contact us through one of the above listed locations.

In pic second from top she is far right; 

In pic third from top she is in the middle 

She is extremely sweet & her color is continually changing. She has, & will have beautiful blue green eyes.


Next is Lily:

Her sale also fell through at last moment. She is definitely a chinchilla silver persian.


We will attempt more pix on this precious kitten.  But here are a couple pix of her siblings from previous litters.