Direct Descendants of L'Dearheart Line

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Scooter's parents Sir Lancelot & Lyonesse

Our male is Scooter - L'Dearheart Tiki Loa Scooter Pi - parents -  sire:Spr Gr Ch L'Dearheart Sir Lancelot of Cherie-Finesse  Dam: L'Dearheart Lyonesse are back in South Africa at Cherie-Finesse. Our female is L'Dearheart Leilani Loa Valentine sire" CH L'Dearheart MichaelAngelo Dam: Cherie-Finesse Lady Lida

Both Sir Lancelot & Lyonesse (Scooters parents) are back at Cherie-Finesse in South Africa

Spr Gr Ch Sir Lancelot won his title in South Africa here's his newest photo with Alida Delport owner of Cherie-Finesse