Direct Descendants of L'Dearheart Line

Sunday, November 3, 2013

New Breeding Season

Hello All,

The new breeding season is about to begin for us. Once bred the new kittens would be born
in 65 days. The kittens in this breeding will not be ready to go to their new homes until around April or May 2014.

We have many things going on & these kittens will go quickly due to us only breeding 1-2 litters a year. Please visit the kitten Inquiry page to view our deposit policy.

Here are some new pix sent to us by Mary & Garth of Dougal, one of our male kits, now 1 year old.

Here is Dougal with Garth watching the train. This hanging from the chair is a very typical pose for Dearhearts.


Dougal at play.Socks are just not safe with a cat around. They will kill them every time.

Here is Dougal's Grandma Leilani. You can buy all of the cat beds you want, but in the end this is what you get.